Friday, 4 January 2008

Techno Scratch

Last post tonight is "Techno Scratch" by Knights Of The Turntables. A classic Electro track for you to enjoy. I should have some new mixes to post this weekend also, so look out for them.


320 KBPS


Neo Rude said...

wow. this is a rare tune! bought this when i was like 15(back in 85!!)

very rare record. sold mine of the old ebay like 6 years ago.

Mr.Brown said...

I remember this one - back then we were all blown away by the scratching and cutting. Funny how now its sounds like someone made it with a toy Casio keyboard and a dime store turntable.

P.SKILLZ said...

Yeah it sounds quite lo fi now, they probably did make it on a toy Casio keyboard. Maybe that's what makes it still sound dope.