Saturday, 27 October 2007

Candye P.Skillz Edit

Here is a quick edit I made tonight. I basically chopped the drums, guitar & vocal sample of "Talk to me" then replayed it to extend the intro & outro so this would be easier to mix when DJing. I have not changed the track much, just extended it really. It's quite nice to post an edit you have literally just finished this minute. The original is "Talk to Me" by Candye. I have just paid $50 for the LP off ebay, but there are 3 killer cuts & it's quite hard to pick up. I'm really into 80's funk/boogie played on synths at the minute so love this type of shit. This was produced by Kevin McCord, who was in One Way, who made some classic tracks also such as "Pop What You Got". Enjoy.



While I am doing a post on Candye I may as well also post one of her other great tracks "Loverboy". I love this track.


If you like this type of music check the mixes on the American Nights site. Quality 80's shit with plenty of tracks that I have not heard anywhere else. Dope.

check the mixes