Thursday, 27 August 2009

Keb Darge Interview

Here's an interview legendary record digger & DJ Keb Darge did a few years ago for a German site. Keb is entertaining & the interview is pretty interesting. There are another 4 parts to it on this link HERE

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Jeff White Guest Mix

I just got sent a new guest mix by Chicago's Jeff White. If you like the early 80's sound then you will like this. He also sent me a bio to go with it, so there is not much more for me to add. Enjoy the mix and leave Jeff some comments or shouts. Here's what Jeff had to say:

"My journey into becoming a DJ began in 1981. I was in a dance group called “The Boy scouts” we were at this club in Chicago called The Playground. The resident DJ was Farley Funkin’ Keith, now known as Farley Jack Master Funk. He was one of the hottest DJ’S back in that time. Listening to him spin, the tricks, the blends, and the records he played, grabbed me by the collar. I enjoyed the way the crowd responded to the way Farley was playing, how he held their attention, never letting them go.

Month’s later I bought a pair of Technic turntables and a Teledyn mixer. I began my record collecting by purchasing records from stores like Import ECT, Loop records, Second Hand Tunes & Gramma Phone. Just to name a few, songs like “Keep On Dancing,” “Keep Your Body Working,” “Martin Circus” “Klein MBO Theme,” were some of the hottest records out.

Now as I began maturing in music Disco and Garage became another one of my passions. From the playground I went to Mendell, Sauers, C.O.D.’s, Bismarck hotel and other parties. At C.O.D’s, there was this DJ by the name of Lil Louis. He was one of the hottest DJ’s in the 80’s of the house scene in Chicago, as well as a very dynamic producer. He really touched me with his tracks and the mixture of disco. There would be five hundred + people at these parties. No one going home until the wee hours of the morning.

But it wasn’t until I heard the great late, legendary, Ron Hardy spinning at this club called The Muzic Box, which was located on Lower Wacker Drive. From the time you walked into the Box you were captivated, put in a trance. It was dark, with only the brightness of the flashing strobe lights bouncing off of the walls. The sound system was one of the best in the city. Ron Hardy knew how to grab the crowd. He knew how to work the crowd. He made many edits of certain records, and he was even a record producer. With his style and the system no track or record ever sounded the same.

This made me want to really learn the craft. I began trying different things with records until I developed my own style. I have had the pleasure of spinning at clubs such as Retno 5, The Concrete Jungle, Jackson Harbor Bar & Grill, Hi Ricky’s, The Fiz Bar, Slicks, Family Den just to name a few.

Some of the past DJ’s who were a major influence on me were: Farley, Steve Hurley, and Ron Hardy, Lil Louis, & Frankie Knuckles. Some of my present influences: Mark Grusane (, Mike Cole ( Sean Sounds ( much love, and Baby Funk Roy, Joseph, Colbourne ( He’s the real deal!!!! ) also I must not forget Soul in the Hole’s Lee Collins and Sadar Bahar.

I do a mix show every Sunday on: www.stickam/jeff_white (Via video cast LIVE) . Also mix are featured on and

(((((Open your mind and let the creativity flow through.))))) "